Sean Henry, “The Crow”

Post Author: Abbie Hornburg

Making honest art can be terrifying; with It’s All About Me, Sean Henry is jumping into the deep end. Sean Henry is the newest member to be welcomed into the Double Double Whammy family. Formerly of Brooklyn punk band High Pop and the pop project Boy Crush, Sean Henry displays a more personal side in his new project. His full-length debut It’s All About Me was written and recorded on a secluded farm upstate and finished at Brooklyn DIY venue The Silent Barn.

The video release for “The Crow” is a step into Sean Henry’s deranged dream world in which a masked wrestler washes your dishes and a clown kickboxes on your rooftop. Imagine the opening scene of Donnie Darko, but instead of being haunted by a giant bunny rabbit you are frequented by a luchador. “The Crow” douses classically lo-fi indie pop in gratuitous amounts of syrup. At his best, he teases out the tense connections between humans, giving voice to the darker thoughts and casual projections that cloud every mind.

Sean Henry adopts a lushly smooth, hazy tone with warped hooks that bend into gentle pop songs. Soft drums and twangy guitar tones fill the room as Sean Henry drones, “yeah when you die I cry.” Like The Shins or The Magnetic Fields, he has the ability to nail beautiful memorable lines with remarkable ease. “The Crow” fits in the ceaselessly fascinating territory where bedroom pop intimacy meets heart-swelling wonder.