TEEEL, “Disk Go”

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

New Jersey’s TEEEL dropped their new album, Hydrostatic this week on Mush, and we put our fancy-dancing shoes for the premiere of the “Disk Go” music video. Directed by Adam Murphy, the disco deluxe is turned into a lively glamor opp (fashioned by the The Bearded Beagle); with Jim Smith’s latest audio design patterns re-imagining all viable surfaces as one communal dance floor.

Keeping the party rolling through releases like Amulet and University Heights, Hydrostatic applies a modern electronic ballet with hydroplaning production that absorbs the functions and fundamentals of friction like a Rolls Royce driven into an Olympic sized swimming pool. TEEEL’s video for “Disk Go” is a dance off event worthy of closing out NYC fashion week, where playful and sassed up dancers pose for screen tests in front of the green and orange backdrops. From the introductory Members Only jacket unzip, Jenny Valles, Darren Wong, Kate Skolas, Kris Van Genderen, Grace Kunkle, Joe Berry, and Lindsay Murphy shake down to Jim’s bass bubbling beat that lists obsessive items of observational over thought and overwrought awareness. “That dress, all put together, bossy lips, even better, you’re in fashion, a trend-setter, maybe you see me, maybe you don’t.”

Visual effects of tweaked red and blue gradients by Austin Stock and Dorina Petco’s make-up create a throwback vechile, for TEEEL’s timeless textile techno that mixes courtship with couture. Jim Smith wrote us the following reflective piece about constructing the disco designation of “Disk Go”, the visual translation concepts, and thoughts on the making of his third album, Hydrostatic:

Through the years of playing in hard rock bands, DJing dark drum and bass music and producing a wide range of electronic beats, I wanted to incorporate all of these inspirations into one album. When I was writing Hydrostatic, I explored these different styles of music and sounds but still wanted to have that TEEEL aesthetic I was known for on my previous albums. I went from writing an electronic rock track to a dark electro jam to sensual synth pop and everything in between. I imagined this album being a representation of a jellyfish in space. With the ability to go in any musical direction, I wanted this album to feel like an epic voyage of sound and feelings. Lyrically, the album goes through themes of the exploration of space, having a fear of the end of the world to writing love songs to my wife and partying with my friends. “Disk Go” was my playful take on a catchy late 70s-early 80s disco track. When I wrote the lyrics, I imagined a scene that could live within a John Hughes 80s flick. I pictured girls getting ready to hit the town and dance into the night, or maybe the feeling you get when you have your favorite outfit on. The goal on this was to have fun. Growing up in the 80s as an MTV kid, I was obsessed with funky music videos and the synthesizer sound. I loved the cheesiness of unplugged instruments, wearing sunglasses in the club and the obnoxious neon color palettes. Everything was just fun and exciting. I think the video hit the nail on the head.

TEEEL’s album Hydrostatic is available now from Mush Records.