Watch Yvette perform in a classic car garage for Into The Woods

Post Author: Jake Saunders
Yvette Absolutes

Yvette’s industrial noise rock calls for an industrial noise setting, so it’s appropriate that they recorded a live video for Into The Woods in a mechanic’s garage with a mustangs engine running. “Absolutes” is a jagged track that switches between being being pierced with daggers and getting sprayed with an AK-47. Whatever sonic comparison you want to make, it’s a dangerous sound.

Filmed during Yvette’s stop in Boise, ID for the Treefort Music Festival (which drummer Dale Eisinger covered for us in 2012), the video aims to prove the duo’s angular noise rock extends to fully-immersive standards, reaching climaxes that are best experienced live. Their recent LP, Process (Godmode), is a true exploration of industrial rock, enveloped by strange melodic chambers that appear as quickly as they disappear. Live, it’s an eye opening experience, but make sure you bring ear plugs.