50 Cent + DJ Premiere's new track doesn't suck, until the end

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I don't make a habit of posting 50 Cent music because, in recent years, his music has gone to crap. (Curtis? The man who was once known for his hook writing delivered an entire album without a single memorable hooks. The man once known to have the best collection of beats on an album had a full length jammed with boring, safe, one-loop beats.) Also, he's a complete dick in the game (Please refer to any diss record as of late and the whole Young Buck vs. 50 fiasco).

That's why it's surprising to hear him actually take some time and spit correctly over a Premo beat. I never even considered this happening, and it's particularly interesting in light of Premo's recent laments over Nas.

That being said, you don't necessarily have to listen to this whole track, really.

50 Cent, “Shut Ur Bloodclot Mouth” (prod. by DJ Premier)