Aesop Rock's sleazy social spitting on “Citronella”

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This leaked a while ago but we just got around to listening to it. About nine times. Aesop's never made social commentary sound so sleazy. “Citronella” packs a skeezy bass line that's hornier than a downtown slut with herpes. You know you don't not not want it. Sorry, Aesop's words are causing a mental tail spin. What're you saying Bavitz?

When the radio stars climb to bevel[?] the floors,
To murder the medium that shot em thirty years ago,
They say kill the televisions
When the cutters of the pie throw their summers in the sky
No love lost baby the future is so bright.

Ah. “Nothing says charm like an armored car” is probably the best line. Aesop's in top form throughout, tempering his razor-sharp political incisions with signature abstractions that border on the absurd. Those armored cars? “Taking the clone farm 'tards to the arms bazaar,” of course.