Al Lover blows out Suicide's “Ghost Rider”

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Al Lover, Suicide Ghost Rider Remix

This will undoubtedly gain me a few haters, but the emptiness of Suicide's recordings bothers me. Why can't it be louder? It does not need to be bombastic. I don't demand extravagent crescendos or cock-rock riffing atop their industrial grind. I just want the mix turned up, way the fugg up.

Al Lover is the homie. He's been the homie for some time, in music and in knocking back cheap beer. Without prompting him, he's zeroed in on the aspect of Suicide that's stung me and fielded the complaint with a blown out remix of “Ghost Rider”. The Al Lover remix magnifies “Ghost Rider” with the freak power of bone-bits clanging around, organ drones that push the meters, and a bass thump that keeps it in step rather than murmer beneath Alan Vega's yips and coos.

Al is willing to hear criticism of his remix, he's been the first to say “one of the best punk songs of all time… ruined”. You won't be the first to call this a failure. But, I'm putting my approval stamp on his “Ghost Rider” remix for finally providing Suicide with the capacity to overflow my ear blood.