Buckethead + Bootsy Collins heart Lebron James (and each other)

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As a throwback to Six Degrees of Beefheart, we have noticed some uncanny connections between two musicians and an athlete, and it's as weird and awesome as it sounds.

Some may call it the Cleve, or the mistake on the lake, but it's had its share of musical significance. The Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame is there, I guess. And let's not kid ourselves: if you're vacationing in the Cleve and it's basketball season, the best entertainment is a Cavaliers game.

Especially if this Bootsy Collin's song is playing:

Bootsy Collins, “Cavs Theme Song”

But, Old Bootsy is not the only musician with Cavs love. Buckethead took a break from swimming in his Chinese Democracy money, Scrooge McDuck style, to record two songs for Lebron James' 24th birthday, one for the man, the other for his… hammer.

Buckethead, “Lebron”

Buckethead, “Lebron's Hammer”

Actually, there are way too many connections! The short-lived Science Fiction freaky super group being the most frightening example. Also, Buckethead appeared with Bootsy Collins in Cincinnati, Ohio, to Barack the Vote. Lebron James publicly endorsed Barack Obama and Obama plays basketball and…