Cankun's Jaguar Love gets you in the mood

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Cankun, <i>Jaguar Dance</i>

Last time, we got high off the glitter with Cankun, Archer by the Sea's other project, and now we're ready to laze in the resulting headrush that comes off the new LP by the guitar/beat dude, Jaguar Dance, out on Not Not Fun records. The record flits freely between abstract beat meditations and delay-addled guitar noodles, all shorn up in bright sunlit gestures of psychedelic faith and love–no bad vibes hiding in any corner of the 46-minute collection. There's even some fried dead-pan vocals on the title track, a song that also involves his characteristic flourish of skittering delay tricks and warbly harmonic details. Plus a gnarled up guitar bass line. Pop song!

Cankun, “Jaguar Dance”