CFCF slow it down again

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CFCF's Slow R&B For Zellers Locations Canada-Wide was one of the strangest, yet creative mixes of 2010. We had a difficult time envisioning how one could seduce a lover to it and the thought of shopping was out of the question. CFCF seems to enjoy the format as he's dropped another slow(ed) jamz mix called Slorida.

Unfortunately, Slorida is only streaming on CFCF's Soundcloud page, but that should not stop you from plugging in the laptop to some woofers, downing some 'tussin (just like old times) and wiggling on the floor to the echo-y vibrations of Roxy Music, The Cars and Celine Dion played at 10bpms. Seriously, what better way to spend your Friday night than suspended under the woozy washes of a chopped and screwed remix of “On Ne Change Pas”?

Slorida mix by CFCF

Is “riding the night bus” suitable slang for tripping on cough medicine? We're beginning to think CFCF is challenging Lil Wayne and Lil B for the title of weirdest martian making music under the influence of sizzurp.