CMJ Saturday: Fader Sideshow Picks

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Saturday's Fader Sideshow probably featured some of the best acts of our extensive, obsessive coverage of CMJ. Here are the last four acts of the day.


Their live show started off indulgently melodic with a minor, pseudo-baroque Ok Computer guitar hook that wasn't long for the world, parried as it was against three other Frenchmen studiously scrubbing us with enormous swathes of noise, accompanied by relentless quarter note rock drum bashing. It all heralded a droning post-rocky set that came off meatier in the face of Turzi's oft-described “psych” material on their recent Kemado release.

Cool Kids

It really seemed like Chuck and Mikey were just trying to get the SoCo 'n Select addled crowd a little more blasted then they already were when they promised a ten minute set. Then they played a ten minute set. It's hard to deal without the down-pitched screwed vocals you get on their studio work, plus we also wanted them to actually roll in with white-washed denims. But they wrapped fast and chipper from somewhere between 1988 and Native Tongues, straight ahead dance beats and tag team call and response buoying the performance in safe proximity to a hipster dance party.


We're pretty sure Santogold didn't even take the vocal track off the first song she played on her iPod, or whatever it was playing the tracks. Other than the creeping suspicions we were getting duped, we settled back and soaked up the best damn karaoke party of CMJ.

Words by Jeremy Krinsley
Photos by Sam Horine