Coutrney luvs Myspaasce

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I need to stop checking my MySpace profile in the morning.

For six hours now Courtney Love's MySpace has proclaimed that she “has 1 day to write 14 lyrix.” Dear God. Do people realize that if we overwork Courtney we could be risking a nuclear meltdown? She's been vowing a new album for three years. 14 lyrix in 1 day?! Luckily it looks like she already found what she was looking for before she even started looking. Flux capacitor? Last night her latest blog bomb landed with the heading, “oh shit the inspartion fairy sprinkeld her glitter,” and man did it sprinkle.

i wont go to links that arenmt thru as im too lazy and this is my one day off tomorrow i wrote lyrics for 13 songs!

Whether she manipulated the time-space continuum to write those lyrics both yesterday and today isn't really important, she's got other things to take care of:

and i had business to do ytoday too as my best friend just mysteriously betrayed me in th emost treachourous agonising way iveever had it in the back=

Shit, yo. We wish she was talking about Billy Corgan or something juicy but she probably just has a sleazy lawyer. The actual gist of the semi-coherence is she wrote a whole bunch of new sings in a few days (after they “raided guitar center”) and now she seems to be threatening to call it the B-side to her imminent album.