Damn you, Clutchy Hopkins

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Clutchy Hopkins

At this point, I am done with curiosity. Keep your anonymity, you reclusive son of a bitch. Just keep making brilliant music that makes the disappointment of Bonobo easier to stomach.

Clutchy Hopkins is rumored to be Cut Chemist or DJ Shadow or Money Mark or Dangermouse or Beethoven's fossil reanimated and secured in a hidden bunker with the world music archives and a beat machine. The truth is, whomever is hiding behind the curtain is making far better music as a secret identity than the output of his known identity. If only it was Bonobo, then I could rationalize this berzerker ninja attack on my brain.

Play your game hermit man. I can listen to your sultry Brazilian guitar samples and break beats without the necessity of the music man's face.

The Story Teller is out April 13 on Ubiquity Records.

Clutchy Hopkins, “No Contact… Contact”