Deathgrips, Exmilitary mixtape

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Death Grips, <i>Exmilitary</i> mixtape

We we're pretty excited when the first Death Grips track dropped, and this is pretty much more of the same raw-ass shit from the likes of Zach Hill & Company: Angry and aggro, anarchic and dead pan, pushing the instrumentals to new levels of grit and industrial damage.

There's also the non-sequitor Major Lazer-biter “Lord of the Game”, which has Mexican Girl dropping in as some kind of Santigold proxy. But there's nothing here that really fits cleanly into the east coast commercial rubrick that turds out tracks that slip onto A-Trak mixtapes and might was well do support tours for Tiesto. Even when they try for some kind of dub-steppy lo-end theorem with the “Cut Throat” instrumental or “Culture Shock”, it's like they threw out Pro Tools and cut the record with a buzz saw.

Fuggin' punk rock:

Death Grips – Exmilitary Mixtape by deathgrips