Deerhoof, Lightning Bolt aim for sentimental 30-something females

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Billy Crudup, Mandy Moore and Amy Sedaris are locked in a room and forced to eat each other's shit for all eternity. Wait that's something else. How are these three people in the same movie? If it wasn't a romantic comedy you might've payed to see it out of curiosity. But hold up there, what's that frayed pop jingle emerging out of the ether? Deerhoof? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be practicing? Whistling aboriginal bird calls in the forest? Anything but this?!

We ranted last week about the upsides and downsides to the commercialization of ever-deeper and more obscure pockets of independent music. I'd say this is a definite upswing. The soon to be released movie Dedication follows Billy Crudup as a grumpy 33-year old children's book writer who is forced to work and we will assume ultimately sleep with illustrator Mandy Moore. The soundtrack features a score by Ed Shearmur with Deerhoof playing on many of its cues. It also includes track contributions from Lightning Bolt and Joanna Newsom. Can't wait to hear a little LB lightly accompanying a romantic dinner between said Mandy and Mr. Crudup: