Deerhunter blog, now with vomit

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IMPORTANT UPDATE. Deerhunter began meticulously tracking their poop on their blog weeks ago, but in the past few days, we've added, yes, vomit. (NSFW, unless you work cleaning dorm room toilets. Then it's probably Ok.) One of guitarist Lockett Pundt's shits “looks like bohr's representation of the helium atom.” Frontman Bradford Cox writes (in a post documenting guitarist Colin Mee's vomit), “when summer is over we will start middle school. our moms told us that we won't do things like this then.”

Meanwhile, someone's been crapping out identical music videos.

James Sumner's been busy making virtually the same video for Deerhunter and Yacht. Exhibit A and B (Deerhunter's “Strange Lights” and to its right, YACHT's “Women of the World”):

Guess he's just on a psych laser show binge. Maybe he's hung over from this masterpiece animation work for GOOD Magazine about Kim Jong Il, or maybe he just likes making things in pairs. Here are two on the crazy North Korean dictator, log cabins, and why segways, shark fins and fender guitars are our first line of defense against nuclear proliferation: