Definitive Jux website contest for dweebs

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Def Jux asks: What is THIS?

I'm not really sure the angle of this contest, which asks web surfers and label fans alike to parse about 125 number clumps into some sort of discernible code for a $150 DefJux coupon. I like the idea that El-P's label is trying to cater to the most arcanely elite, dorky and e-ducated of his alternative crowd.

But for those geeks among us, I have a secret. Click the number 35 and magically transport yourself here, to strange things my feeble un-JavaScript trained mind cannot begin to comprehend.

My inbox press release promises that if you “stay tuned”, more number games can win you a trip to New York City. If they told me Maui I might start studying coding a little better.

06 – Ashville, NC – Stella Blue
07 – Carrboro, NC – Cats Cradle
08 – Washington, DC – The 9:30 Club
09 – New York, NY – Irving Plaza
12 – Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church
13 – Pittsburgh, PA – Diesel Club Lounge
15 – Manchester, TN – Bonnaro