Dizzee Rascal “Where Da G's” video

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He was at the Plugs, he was all over SXSW. Hot off the streams from Dizzee Rascal: MTV premieres the new “Where da G's” video. We'd be linking it forthright but those motherfuckers is afraid of a little fucking language. Censorship in the age of 2girls1cup? Pa-leaze. Especially when you notice that MTV is bleeping words like “hoes.” Where da G's? They be at home, rippin' street shit to YouTube. So forgive the slightly poorer quality.

I've never seen Houston, Tx, but I imagine this is what it's like: peeling paint and desaturation, everyone walking around like they're in the movie Traffic. Dizzee, straight outta London, fits right in. And like most rappers not rapping in a shiny white suit in front of a wind fan, his subject matter is righteous indignation. But more importantly, his subject is you. Shut up, sit up straight, and don't even think about trying to step up till you can afford a belt.

You should pull your trousers up, you know that ain't your type of look
you're no playa, you're no pimp, I think that you should read a book

Everyone knows big pants are a tripping hazard in a real street fight, which far outweighs the extra storage space for klips, tecs and shanks. Then Bun B comes out and scares the shit out of you. This is not rap, motherfucker. This is life.

Seriously, this track is hotter than the radiator of a '71 Eldorado after a 50-mile Louisiana fuzz chase.

In case you're not up on all the lingo, Spinner's got a primer in British rap slang.

El-P / Dizzee Rascal Dates:

8 – 9:30 Club, D.C.
9 – First Unitarian Church, Philly
10 – Webster Hall, NYC
11- Middles East, Boston
12 – New Capital Music Hall, Ottawa
13 – Crofoot Ballroom, Detroit
14 – The Abbey Pub, Chicago
16 – Triple Rock Club, Minneapolis
19 – Neumos, Seattle
20 – Berbatis Pan, Portland
21 – 1015, San Francisco
22 – El Rey, Los Angeles