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Ridiculous police tactics strike again: Sage Francis responds to a Republican National Convention arrest.

[Above: A dude with a gun hangs outside the Republic National Convention, 2008.]

Sage Francis offers free song in response to aggressive police tactics during the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota that resulted in the questionable arrest of his friend Jared Paul. While it's ridiculous that arrests are being made for public protesting in this day and age, this goes beyond the pale if it's legit. According to Sage Francis' website:

Was Jared throwing bricks through cop car windows? No. Was he picketing outside of the convention and yelling threats into a megaphone? No. Jared, along with many others, was enjoying the music being performed at the “Take Back Labor Day” Festival across the river from Harriet Island Pavilion. This is when hundreds of Riot Police stormed onto the scene and arrested everyone on sight. Jared was charged with Felony-Riot. This charge would later be reduced to a Gross-Misdemeanor, and then brought to Ramsey County Jail where he would not be released until the final day of the Convention.

Here's the song:

Sage Francis, “Conspiracy To Riot”