Eminem and Royce Da 5'9″ reunited

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bad meets evil

Remember hiding Game Recordings maxi-singles from your parents? I recall a good week of my teenage life pointing to the ziper on the Hip Hop Honey's leather thong and overusing the “wonder what that's for” joke. Those were the days, back when Eminem's raps were still funny.

Before Eminem marched his pasty ass into international stardom, he was a pasty broke ass that kicked it with one of Detroit's rawest lyricists named Royce Da 5'9″. Together they formed Bad Meets Evil. It could have been one of the illest groups in the underground of the late '90's, had Eminem not outgrown all of his Detroit contemporaries. With his glory days behind him, clean, sober and incapable of making controversial music that excites and enrages White America, Eminem found time to accept Royce's Facebook friendship. Upon reading Royce's profile Eminem discovered that Royce is mildly successful in independent music with his group Slaughterhouse. What better time to reform Bad Meets Evil?

Allegedly, a Bad Meets Evil EP is in the works for early 2011. Two tracks have leaked, “Echo” and “Living Proof”, one of which is OK, while the other sounds like some Fort Minor bullshit. I posted the non-hot garbage one available for download. For comparative purposes I dug up my maxi-single to the first Bad Meets Evil songs, so we can all groan over what used to be a listenable Eminem. More like Bad Meets Idea, right? Heeey-Ohh!

Bad Meets Evil, “Living Proof”

Bad Meets Evil, “Scary Movies”

Bad Meets Evil, “Nuttin' To Do”