Fashawn over Javelin

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Fashawn's mixtape hustle is getting its next installment any day now as Higher Learning 2 is allegedly dropping within the month, or at least that's how it feels with all these leaks.

With rappers claiming days of the week as their own, Fashawn chose to be the pastor and take us to Sunday school. For the past couple weeks he's dropped videos, freestyles and leaks from HL2. The latest leak is “Going Home,” which is produced by Javelin. I never gave the Javelin record much burn, but knowing that Fashawn dug No Más enough to borrow the “We Ah Wi” beat might be the endorsement I needed. Let's hope the Javelin dudes catch wind of this respectful beat jackin' and open conversation with Fash about collaborating on a record.

I don't know if this was the reaction Fashawn was going for when he recorded over the “We Ah Wi” beat, but I just spent the past 10 minutes sampling Javelin's No Más only to discover I nearly overlooked an incredible album, due to a couple less than rewarding live experiences. This is a record that easily could have been pillaged by rappers like it was “A Milli”. I would not even consider “We Ah Wi” the dopest cut to jack. I want to hear a rapper over “Intervales Theme”.

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Fashawn, “Going Home”