For One Month Only, I Cut My Teeth at Saddle Creek (For Free)

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[Mr. Conor Oberst, perhaps Saddle Creek's most famous resident export.]

For one month Plexifilm, that font of independent cinema that touted the 2002 horn-toot for Chicago’s Wilco, I am Trying to Break Your Heart, and aptly entitled 2007 typographer’s love-letter-to/documentary-on a font, Helvetica, is giving nostalgia-beset hipsters a chance to watch bands like Cursive, Bright Eyes, and The Faint come of age for the shockingly low price of zero USD.

Spend an Evening with Saddle Creek, 2005 documentary by directors Jason Kulbel and Rob Walters, is streaming at Plexifilm’s website. Any hankerings to see Midwest DIY emo and electro pioneers speak very convincingly and sincerely about each other over a soundtrack of convincing and very sincere music interspersed with live performance footage can be sated with just one click of a mouse and 90 minutes or so of your time here.

That, or watch it now…