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Colin Greenwood and Greg Saunier

Deerhoof's offered up a free collection of mp3s dubbed as a sort of outtakes and extras album, available, purportedly for a limited time only on their website. It features a slew of alternates (“Holy Night” “Milk Man”), remixes (“Rrrrrrright”) and mash ups (“Someone's Swizz”), old live tracks (“Twin Killers”), new live covers by other people (“The Perfect Me”), and every other possible recombination of outtake. We'd probably buy it if it wasn't available as an option-click on the internet, but what makes it more precious is the accompanying journal entry, which runs like an excerpt from their yet-to be-imagined band autobiography, here penned mainly by drummer Greg Saunier, as they tour with Flaming Lips and Radiohead and spread ungodly amounts of love through the English speaking world.

After the last song I exit the stage towards the merch table and get a surprising pat on the back from Thom [Yorke], and though he retracts his hand instantaneously upon contact with my sweaty shirt, he had not only come, but apparently made a scene by being the only one there who knew how to dance to our songs. Elated, we then head outside only to find that our rental car had been clamped.

[Flaming Lip's Kliph Scurlock] offered his snare as a substitute. I had so admired his sound and style, as well as his drums, ever since seeing them on Austin City Limits, and now he was lending me his snare drum, and not only that, he said that when we get to Oklahoma City, he'll get another snare he had and just give it to me.

Get yer free mp3 album here.

21 Houston, TX Warehouse Live (w/ J Versus and Bloc Party)
22 Dallas, TX House of Blues (w/ J Versus and Bloc Party)
23 Tulsa, OK Cain's Ballroom (w/ Smoosh and Bloc Party)
25 Nashville, TN City Hall (w/ Smoosh and Bloc Party)
26 Covington, KY Madison Theatre (w/ Smoosh and Bloc Party)
28 Toronto, Ontario Ricoh Coliseum (w/ Smoosh and Bloc Party)
29 London, Ontario John Labatt Center (w/ Smoosh and Bloc Party)
30 Pontiac, MI Eagle Theater

01 Madison, WI Memorial Union Rathskellar
02 Minneapolis, MN McGuire Theater at Walker Arts Center
03 Denver, CO Bluebird
06 Salt Lake City, UT In The Venue
19 Reykjavik, Iceland Iceland Airwaves

02 London, UK Release The Bats @ The Forum (w/ Liars, Deerhunter, Black Lips, and more)