Himanshu, Big Baby Gandhi, Hot Sugar & Nasty Nigel go pop

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Miguel Street & Hot 97

Awhile back an exchange between producer Hot Sugar and rapper Big Baby Gandhi on Twitter revealed the two had formed a production duo under the moniker Hot97. It's fitting the debut from their lab sessions is built from one of the most overplayed radio jawns out at the moment, Carly Rae Jepsen's “Call Me Maybe”.

Miguel St., “Call Me Maybe” (Greedhead Remix) (feat. Nasty Nigel of Children of the Night) (prod. Hot97)

The Greedhead Remix of “Call Me Maybe” also functions as an unveiling of another possible group named Miguel Street, which supposedly consists of Himanshu and Big Baby Gandhi. With all these group announcements clogging up the remix title, it should be noted that Nasty Nigel of Children of the Night also appears on this cut, but is not debuting a project with his verse.

The “Call Me Maybe” (Greedhead Remix) is not the most groundbreaking work in terms of artistic value. It's more of the “we had a hilarious time making a remix that is too silly to be on our albums, but we thought it was dope enough to share online” breed. There's the intial laugh that the Hot 97 project could be an EPs-worth of radio-play fuggery and there's laughs to be had as each rapper spits game about having no illegitimate kids, all their teeth, things being worse off (like at least we're not starving in Africa), being wavy, having real numbers (no Google phones), fondness for pizza, and the charm of patriotism. The ball is now in Ms. C.R. Jepsen's court. She's got three eligible suitors who've stated their case for being her ideal man.