Hmm: New Crystal Antlers art vs. old Impose flyer

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technicolor pyramid impose

Disclosure: Karen Aragon is not only my girlfriend, she also makes most of the show flyers Impose has used in the past 12 months or so. (At least all the good ones.) So we were amused to see this piece of work sitting on the shelf at Cake Shop the other day:

Crystal Antler's Tentacles album art by Janet Beeler

We're not throwing darts, just noting the mind melded technicolor pyramids that must have grown separately, since Ms. Aragon drew this one in color pencil last October:

One more time…

Karen Aragon, “Untitled”

Janet Beeler, Tentacles art

And if you're curious, here's her latest work, and our next party:

Crystal Antlers, “Richard”