Jim Jones ushers in soft-hop

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Jim Jones just remixes what feels right, even when it sounds so wrong.


I was like, “Damn! It is kinna hot.” Then I got a chance to meet MGMT at one of their concerts. They did a show [at United Palace Theater] up in Washington Heights. The initial conversation was just that it was an honor to meet them, I think they�re kinna cool. And from there it lead into me saying, “It'd be crazy if I remixed 'Electric Feel.' ” They were like, “Yeah, that would be crazy.”

It's a really good-feelin' song, and—from where we at—when we hear a good-feelin' song, we can't wait to put it in the cars. We can't wait to put it in the clubs. Nah mean? Everything is not about hip-hop. I'll do a country song if it sounds good. I'm not forcing myself on nothin', but if a record sounds good it sounds good. You can't beat that with a bat

MGMT, “Electric Feel” (Jim Jones remix)

[via GQ]