Lady Tigra still loves low end, now has beef with ninjas

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After all these years, The Lady Tigra's still really into that bass. It was her 1988 hit with her original Miami Bass girl group L'Trimm, “Cars That Go Boom,” an ode to the mobile subwoofer, that first (and last) brought her mainstream success, despite a number of follow ups that attempted similar feats (“My Heart Went Boom”, “Love Bug”).

She's back as a solo artist, having already spent the beginning of 2007 touring with Gnarls Barkley and Kanye West. Her new video for “Bass on the Bottom” blurs the line between satirical thugstress and Kill Bill action figure, filtered through the shoddy visual cues of Shaft and 70s Blaxploitation flicks.

With the exception of “Bass on the Bottom,” her MySpace tracks don't really play the same techno-funk game as L'Trimm did twenty years ago, but on every track, Lady Tigra still brings the same lilting, girly vocal delivery with charmingly circular turns like “I'm the Lady Tigra, baby don't you know / here to bring the bass in case you didn't know.” And, if you were ever wondering where Avenue D copped their style…

“Bass on the Bottom”:

Go to her site for a sharper version.

The original madness that made the dream a reality for L'Trimm, “Cars That Go Boom”:

If your car aint got it, go out and get it. We like the boom and don't you… forget it.