Listen: Busy P, “To Protect & Entertain” feat. Murs

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[Murs warily eyes Busy P.]

OK, in theory this should be a long time coming- Ed Banger meets hip hop; I can't listen to SebastiAn's “H.A.L.” without thinking I need to hear a dope emcee “rock the rhythm,” but this is far too generic.

I expect more from a record bearing the Ed Banger label. Busy P gets props for mimicking the G-Funk sound on the chorus, but the beat sounds like it took a couple minutes and Murs just name drops for three minutes more. We get it; Murs knows Steve Aoki. It'd be more impressive if he has a story about Aoki's sister. In fact, there is a song worth writing. Perhaps a story about her saving you from corrupt L.A. cops, then taking you back to her crib in whore city. Basically your classic tale of love and violence loosely based on a Sin City storyboard.

Best part of the song is Murs getting bilingual with “Au Revoir Motherfuckers!” and shouting out his black people in France for “being the only other n****s to burn some shit down when the white people fuck with you.” To Protect & Entertain will be released on the compilation Ed Rec Vol. III on May 28:

The bright side: SebastiAn's Motor EP is out April 28.