Listen: Canada math rock podcast, new dd/mm/yyyy tracks

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Radio station reports back on math rock, including a new track by dd/mm/yyyy (“day-month-year”), who have just released a new 7-inch.

[Bandwidth: you make math rock look sexy.]

Bandwidth is an Ontario, Canada based radio show with a podcast about math rock that plays out as a primer of the landscape of bands in Ontario and Canada at large that can be grouped into that most music-geeked of genres. It also closes with everyone's favorite mathy Toronto quintet, dd/mm/yyyy, who have recently released a new 7″ called 777″.

dd/mm/yyyy, 777

Bandwidth podcast on math rock:

You can go to dd/mm/yyyy's MySpace to hear all the tracks off the 7-inch, one of which you can download:

dd/mm/yyyy, “Vantan”

But don't die before befriending them, the stars are aligned against it: