Listen: Dose One of Subtle Rap Battles!

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[Listen via WFMU podcast here.]

Dose One of Subtle recently appeared at the Knitting Factory in Manhattan, doing an interview on the Put The Needle On The Record Show with Billy Jam. Apparently Billy Jam was offering Mr. One a pre-sound check meal in the form of inferior rappers. Dose wolfed down Bisc-1 and Broke MC without breaking a sweat, daintily wiped his mouth with a bib and peaced out with an anti-shout out to suckas who didn't come to the show.

For those who remember Dose's oddball battle style from either being at Scribble Jam or watching the tapes, he still has a knack for far left biting lines:

“Oh, that's wow you're really like the most famous sell out white rapper, hire black friends, come back as actor.”

“I'm going to get you flustered and you're gonna start swearing. Look, little lady are those buggle boy jeans you are wearing?”

“Don't tell me what to do, I started you… Boy, I grafted you from a bit of my skin that I left in some venue. when I was half paying attention.”

Nothing Broke MC or Bisc-1 said towards Dose was worth quoting. It is damn near impossible to tell the difference between the two, thus they got ate up from the plate up.

Subtle recently dropped ExitingARM, the last installment in a trilogy of records on Lex Records.