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Inca Ore wants to mulch your brain in the non-pretty.

Inca Ore, a.k.a. Eva Saelens, is no stranger to the halls of drone and noise. She recently put out a split 12″ with Grouper and has an upcoming split collaboration with the Kim Gordon/Thurston Moore project Mirror/Dash for Ecstatic Peace!. Hers' is a particularly musty and melodic lo-fi meditations on vocal chant and repeating synthetic motifs. Organically synthetic?

She “wants to defy the stereotype of women making 'pretty' music” but is honest in her half-way failure, “not always successful” at being not-pretty, “or straining toward 'ugly.'”

Her third-person relationship with herself:

Her music has always been more about collecting elements of earth's abstract beauty ores and liquefying and pouring into a mold of a moment, than regimented practice or chord changes or any of that funny stuff. Eva collects the sentiments of anti-productivity: drooling in sun puddles, unpurposeful meditations, lone dances, pigeon counting, long walks—-and makes an abstract sound that hopes to passively challenge all notions of Western musicality and what's “good” or “bad.”

Here are two tracks from a recent album Birthday of Bless You, an album out now on Not Not Fun. In her words, the tracks on the album are a “meditation on feminine sacred invention, on sun worship in the moments before earth disintegration, on the proud miracle of creation in a trash-proliferation era.”

Inca Ore, “Everlasting Fountain”

Inca Ore, “Wedding Day”

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