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You could toss Camero Werewolf, the highly prolific, frequently addled mind behind a seemingly never-ending stream of 7″ singles into the bin with the small army of punk-roots revivalists storming d.i.y. venues from the Beets to Mr. Reatard on up to the Black Lips, but Mr. Werewolf's tracks come from the dirty, late night, shit-talking and shit-taking antics that inspired a band name that's an ode to a punk legend most famous for defecating onstage. This stuff is pure, gold-rimmed, mud-stained, righteous rock music, and goddamn if it isn't catchy as hell.

LiveFastDie, “Amputated”

Impose Records is releasing his singles collection (Dawn Of The VHS: The Singles 2005-2007) and his first LP, Bandana Thrash Record, digitally in March.