Listen: New Atlas Sound tracks

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Some new weird-out stuff from Bradford Cox. Not in the sense of “wow, never heard this sort of stuff before” so much as, “wow, wasn't this the soundtrack to K-Pax?” I guess you could say these are the feel good Atlas Sound tracks of the year.

Not sure if this was recorded on his own bedroom time, or whether these are extras from those recent Peel sessions. (Looks like Mr. Cox is slowly getting that icon status in place with these sort of nonchalant one-off's: he recorded a limited cassette “one night at a recording studio located on an Island on the Thames river last month. It is a tribute to John Peel. It's like a pretend John Peel session.” For 4AD.)

Anyway, these two tracks make some fresh choices, and while they come off surprisingly soft-heeled, harkening back either to the work of LA soundtrack hacks or post IDM geeks, who cares? It's Bradford Cox making two more free mp3s, this time ostensibly for Halloween. Guess you missed listening to 'em for the holiday, but hopefully they'll work on your iPod anyway.

Atlas Sound, “Danse Infernale”

Atlas Sound, “Danse Macabre”