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A new album in September for Cold War Kids

Ah, it seems like just yesterday the Cold War Kids were just another one of those Cali bands that came and went at Mercury Lounge at 1am, a fun rock cabaret all the indie girls were not yet talking about. Then what happened? Next thing you know they're at Madison Square Garden opening for Muse.

Well at least some new tracks are here to remind you that fame isn't all bad. Loyalty to Loyalty, to be released on Sept. 23 on Downtown Records, will be the Kids' first full-length since 2006's Robbers & Cowards, and if it isn't much of a departure, it's got plenty to remind you why they hit it (semi-) big in the first place. Like “Mexican Dogs,” with the Cold War-esque hook “Like Mexican dogs, nobody gave us names.” (Though if you remember Amores Perros, the dog's name was “Negro”)

Cold War Kids, “Mexican Dogs”

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Cold War Kids, “Something is not right with me”

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Loyalty to Loyalty tracklist:

1 Against Privacy
2 Mexican Dogs
3 Every Valley Is Not A Lake
4 Something Is Not Right With Me
5 Welcome To The Occupation
6 Golden Gate Jumpers
7 Avalanche In B
8 I’ve Seen Enough
9 Every Man I Fall For
10 Dreams Old Men Dream
11 On The Night That My Love Broke Through
12 Relief
13 Cryptomnesia