Listen: Precursor to Gang Gang Dance, Orthrelm, (not) No-Neck Blues Band

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[above: Liz Bougatsos and Rita Ackerman are Angelblood]

Have you heard of this band? Before she fronted Gang Gang Dance, Liz Bougatsos sang for the goth metal band Angelblood. This was the real deal. One website promised that Angelblood is “frequently compared to The Shaggs due to the degree of lo-fi involved with their music. They employ the useage of chainsaws, drills, and yes even blood to make their music come to life.”

But it wasn't just another patent-leather bout of power chord doom mongering. Angelblood also counted Mick Barr (Orthrelm and Ocrilim), Rita Ackerman, who was recently featured in the Whitney Biennial (which helps explain Gang Gang Dance's performance at the show), Brian DeGraw, keyboardist for Gang Gang Dance, and Dave Nuss, who now plays with No-Neck Blues Band. Anders Nilsson, who plays jazz fusion from somewhere inside a Chick Corea album also populated Angelblood.

[above: Full band photo!]

Caveat Emptor:

Angelblood,”Fire on the Mountain” (2003)

[Download it]

Angelblood,”Demented Sorcerer” (2001)

[Download it]

And go to their MySpace for a track called Aztec Flag where Liz Bougatsos' distinctively silken pipes start to suggest their potential to accompany what can only be heard as Mick Barr's progression into his current breed of thrashy speed metal.