Listen: Spooks, Atlanta supergroup

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Spooks, with members of Black Lips, Deerhunter, finally release their side-project's first LP, Death From Beyond the Grave on Die Slaughterhaus.

Two days, two posts on shit that in blog years has likely decomposed into the ground and been reborn as Lil Wayne mixtapes or some other virile strain of blog weed.

Without further adieu: Spooks, the off-again off-again Atlanta super group that includes members of the Black Lips, Deerhunter, and scattered members of the Die Slaughterhaus Atlanta crew, released their debut album, a few years in the making, on Halloween. Appropriate, yes. The release also came with 3D glasses, and this 3D video followed:

While many of the tracks deal in draconic quasi-metal riffs and mutilated vocal delay, there's a hilarious live cover of “Taking Care of Business” (see below) an organ dirge straight outta Transylvania (“Kōji Kondō“), some spot-on Cramps vs. Screamers mock-ups (“Cackle of the Dead”) and a couple tracks that burn with traces of early Black Lips messes (“California Boys”).

But I love these songs, because they're a concerted effort to stick to the game plan, and that game plan is Spooks!

Spools, “Taking Care of Business” (Bachman-Turner Overdrive cover)

Spooks, “California Boys”

Spooks, “Kōji Kondō”

Spooks, “Cackle of the Dead”