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Somehow, The Wolfblitzer rose from the ashes of a soft-heeled, folky rock band called The Moon Knights. Wolfblitzer's guttural bark is the mashing together of crunchy, industrial beats, samples, and shouty vocals that manage to stand on that wobbly ground between destructive noise and catchy tunes.

Having shared the Anchorage stage with Matt & Kim, Eustachian, Future Islands, Mose Giganticus, The Emotron, and, in an earlier incarnation, High Places and Hawnay Troof, they can, with the support of Reverso Retro, be said to represent Alaskan underground music, or at least, in their words “maybe Alaska's only active noise band.”

We'd do more research on the truth of that claim for you but we're too busy gawking at a different fast-talking Alaskan export.

Either way, the Wolfblitzer seem proud of their place as pariahs of scratchy static and crooked samples north of the 49th parallel:

We are four member and we are having a ton of fun… Accomplishments include getting four people to walk out of the Matt & Kim show, demanding their money back… We were also cut off 17 minutes into a 19-minute set because the owner of a venue couldn't stand us. (He threatened to kill the power to the building if we didn't stop).

Look out for a CD-R in the near future chronicling the first year of their existence titled Year One: One Year Later.

The Wolfblitzer, “I'm Not Doing Anything That Sucks”

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The Wolfblitzer, “Pretty Woman Dragon Wars”

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