Long Island stoners summon Swirlies with power of the bong

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Weed Hounds are an unfortunately-named albeit likely accurate description of a Long Island-based rock band that do pretty straight-forward shoegaze that would make the Swirlies proud. Or Black Tambourine, for that matter – “In the Afternoon” could've been slipped into an early Slumberland comp and I don't think anyone would bat an eye. A cassette version of their Demo recordings are out on Crooked Direction Records and are totally worth the buy. Since the band's advertising the whole thing as a free download on their Myspace at this blog, you can just download it here.

Weed Hounds, “In the Afternoon”

And, despite living down I-495 from a whole lot of music venues in New York City, they seem to be circling around the metropolis in favor of like-mindedly suburban haunts for their shows:

07 (9pm) Just Kids Nostalgia, Huntington Village, NY
09 (1pm) Pool Party, Valley Stream, NY
30 (4pm) Progressive Coffee House, Glassboro, NJ

Let's get these kids a show in Brooklyn!