Masks! The silent killer.

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It might be too late to ponder this since it got out of hand a long time ago, but what else is there to do at 2pm in the middle of the work week? You see, there is an epidemic, and it is standing between us and good music everywhere. More, resting on the faces of those making the good music. Still, somehow it's ok that Animal Collective is taking part in this. Maybe because their new album is so fucking great.

Then there are those, like Lightning Bolt, who rob convenience stores after their set without need of a costume change. Where did the terry-cloth rag come from? Grandmother's underwear? Modified Ninja Turtle costume pack?

Octopus Project deserves respect for a) anthropomorphizing electrical outlets instead of other mammals and b) because they called the proverbial shotgun of mask wearing, having been sporting them years before this troubling trend's current presence.

Two Gallants try on another inanimate object. It's a play on the mask-wearing trend. It's funny he has a box on his head instead of, say, an ox. Because everyone's wearing animal masks these days, not box masks. Get it?

More than anything else, the extent of the mask problem is evident in the ever more obscure bands copy-catting the same game. Who are these people? People don't even know who you are and you're already into your mask phase?

The trend is troubling. The rate of mask-wearing performers is rapidly increasing, and no one's talking, except us, about absolutely nothing. Seriously though, who started this shit?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Wait, it all suddenly makes sense… DAMN YOU CAPTAIN BEEFHEART!