Motherfucking Clockcleaner is fucking breaking up

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Vomiting sayonaras.

This morning I woke up and learned from the Internet that fucking Load Records noise offenders Clockcleaner are fucking breaking up. They play a final show Saturday, April 18 at Philadelphia's Kung Fu Necktie. It's an “Invite only” show, meaning you have to send an email to CLOCKCLEANERLASTSHOW@YAHOO.COM to request the chance to buy tix. Assuming that they haven't already reached capacity, respondents will be emailed a ticketing URL. From there, savvy, suitably depressed and disappointed web users like you should know the drill.

So long, Clockcleaner. I feel like I barely got to know you and your scatological misanthropic mindbending audio freakouts. Shit, shit, shit. Fuck.


Clockcleaner, “Missing Dick” (2007)