Who do we have to blow to get Best Coast on MTV?

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Best Coast, Crazy For You

So here's the thing. Bethany Cosentino is a sweet girl and a gifted songwriter, and she has written her one song and will continue to write it for many albums to come.

It's a song we fell in love with from the start, but importantly, it's her voice that keeps us listening to its many variations, regardless of the recording quality or style that surrounds it. It's even better live.

So enter her first full length debut record on Mexican Summer. Let's just hope this is a big enough platform for the girl to take a stab at a wider pool than the indie scags and lo-fi faithfuls who embraced her from the start, because she may be the first lady vocalist since Neko Case, not withstanding pre-fab starlets like Zooey Deschanel and Scarlett Johansson, to get a chance at mainstream play. (At least Sirius, for god's sake.)

And it's also the content of her silky vocals that already had MTV knocking last year. It wasn't the first time she'd been approached by the money leagues, as her interview with us way back when described. And with lines like “I wish he was my boyfriend / There's nothing worse than sitting at home / And waiting by the phone,” she will win over every 14-year old girl with half a beating heart.