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[Free Kitten: Kim Gordon, Yoshimi-P, Julie Cafritz]

Holy shit, this is good.

Are you surprised? Free Kitten is Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) and Julie Cafritz (Pussy Galore) on guitar/vocals and Yoshimi-P (Boredoms) on percussion. And the drums (and sneeze) on that clip for “Bananas”? J Mascis. After eleven years since their last full-length release, Free Kitten is more of a project then a band, but their upcoming Inherit holds true to a dirty 90s indie angst (and dreamy Washing Machine era Sonic Youthisms in the sample below of “Erected Girl”) that seem lost to the current cultivated landscape of indie artists making pop music. In that sense these tracks manage to be both familiar and refreshing: Free Kitten aren't reinventing what they already did 15 years ago, but they're adding beautiful music to the heap of what's good about indie rock.


“Free Kitten on the Mountain”

“Erected Girl”


Free Kitten
[Art for Free Kitten's upcoming Inherit, out May 20 on Ecstatic Peace.]

Tracklist for Inherit
01 Erected Girl (6:45)
02 Surf's Up (3:39)
03 Seasick (3:24)
04 Free Kitten On the Mountain (7:51)
05 Roughshod (1:28)
06 Help Me (1:45)
07 The Poet (3:41)
08 Billboard (2:37)
09 Bananas (2:49)
10 Monster Eye (11:32)
11 Sway (3:51)

All songs by Free Kitten:
Julie Cafritz: Guitar,Vocals
Kim Gordon: Guitar,Vocals
Yoshimi: Drums, Guitar on “Sway”

Additional Guitar on “Surf's Up” and Drums on
“Bananas” by J Mascis

Produced by Free Kitten and Justin Pizzoferrato
Recorded and Mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato
at Bisquiteen, Amherst, MA Summer 2007
Additional Recording at Bank Row Recording
Mastered by John Golden at Golden Mastering