New: Ursula 1000, “Zombies” (and a remix)

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Sure its colder than a witch tit in NYC, but that doesn't stop Friday night, so dance or the zombies could get you

Ursula 1000 is drum & bass as all hell, but sometimes that shit sounds ill to me. Not enough to make angel wings out of papier-mâché, but ill nonetheless. (Just trying to get kids in the mood for Weekend II of February. It's a short, but trying month.) The “Zombies” single also features a remix by DJ Ayres of The Rub.

URSULA 1000's new album MYSTICS is out February 24 on ESL.

Ursula 1000, “Zombies”

Ursula 1000, “Zombies” (DJ Ayres Remix)

Party like its pay day!