Fuck the World Cup, Next Stop… Soweto Vol. 2

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Next Stop Soweto Volume 2

The last time I fucked Vampire Weekend, this time I'm thinking on a grander scale.

Actually, I'm looking forward to the World Cup, so this post is more ironic. Unless you consider that the second volume of Strut's Next Stop… Soweto series continues their celebration of the Townships from 1969-76. I guess it's reason to raise a finger to the post-apartheid commercialization of South Africa, but that would be a stretch. Even Bono isn't complaining about it.

Moving on… For the second volume, Strut hits the nail on the head with a heap of soul, funk and psych that is nothing short of amazing. Touching once again
on mbaqanga and jazz artists, the focus is on those who dabbled with soul and funk fusions
during the early 70s, like the Mgababa Queens and Mahotella Queens, and
revered SA jazz combo The Heshoo Beshoo Group. The Mahotella Queens' “Wozani Mahipi” lays it on so thick, if it weren't for the language, you would think it was cut at Muscle Shoals. I can listen to this all day.

Mahotella Queens, “Wozani Mahipi”