Noise Pop: Infinite Body

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Pure noise that kills toddlers and almost made me vomit.

Photos by Matt Kowal

Saturday got a little weird in the midnight hours as my photographer and I attempted to achieve intense inebriation in 45 minutes after our work was done. Naturally, the batteries needed to be recharged, so Sunday morning began with a satisfying french toast, strawberries and coffee breakfast at a diner. Walking into the Bottom of the Hill as L.A.'s Infinite Body began the first pure noise set of the festival did not bode well with my system.

My satisfaction quickly turned over in my stomach as the harsh vibrations tormented my innards and Kyle Parker's wrenching expressions, as he scratched a microphone across his neck, nearly sent me to the streets to revisit my breakfast.

Some cool rocker parents skipped church to bring their kids to a show and were wise to equip the little ones with sound proof headphones. A little girl danced around on stage behind Parker's set, oblivious to the tormenting noise pelting from his throat. It was macabre and adorable.

Infinite Body is part of L.A.'s Smell scene-thing that people like the dudes in Mae Shi refuse to admit exists. He did not get my stomach's approval, but he gets No Age's endorsement.