Olympia looks good to Saturday Looks Good To Me, with new label and LP

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The Michigan-based band has moved to Olympia, Washington-based K records after years releasing LPs on PolyVinyl Records Co and three earlier full lengths on smaller Michigan labels since 2000. The first song from the upcoming Fill Up the Room is streaming on their MySpace page. The band is almost a folcrum between Flaspapr and Lovesick, founder Fred Thomas's first two bands, the first a sad, slow Americana rock and the latter a raucous punk band that's live show infamously featured him screaming on drums and puking monologues between two-minute songs.

Thomas has maintained a laser-eyed focus on Saturday Looks Good To Me's intended sound. As cheerily positive as its band title suggests, it remains unfalteringly, some might say cloyingly (but others, ecstatically), to the hyper-melodic, the bright and big. If the new album at large resembles their previewed track, they're doing their job right.

Fill Up The Room is out October 23 on K records.