ON REPEAT: Les Savy Fav vs. Devin the Dude feat. Snoop + Andre 3000

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This might be next level but it's making us feel woozy. This is Les Savy Fav as a soft-fuck guitar loop under Andre 3000 and Devin the Dude smooth talk-rapping. “You download it for free we get charged back for it” and “we just keep recording and it aint to get no condo.” It's like they've gotten all punk about it or something. Almost. Don't forget “if I come to your job and take your corn on the cob, and take a couple kernels off that would be alright with you?”

Somehow it's predictable that Snoop knocks it all down into one verse in the last moments: “This life we live, what a doubt this is. Real spit, man. A lot of people wanna walk in these shoes but they just don't know, so just have a good time brother.”