On Repeat: PWRFL Power, “Alma Song”

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[above: PWRFL Power's Kazutaka Nomura, as represented in an actual Esurance ad]

PWRFL Power combines an unassumingly trained and precise electric guitar with quiet, quavering vocals and lyrics like “your boobs aren't that gigantic / but that's ok because I don't likes big girls anyways” and “you are not that attractive / but something makes me feel that you're going to be my girl.” This goofy honesty is lightly enough delivered to feel spontaneous, like the uninhibited inner monologue of a high school kid meeting a future sweetheart. It might take a few listens before you come to any conclusions as to Mr. Nomura's merits. Ours is that he's mastered the soft touch such that his guitar melodies, expertly administered, can creep up and get at your throat muscles without much warning.

It turns out I picked the same PWRFL Power lines to lead my post as these guys did for their video. Guess we both have the same juveniles tastes:

You can also check out PWRFL Power's hilarious blog, with tour gems such as this moment in Philly:

3 people in front of me ordered “cheese steak with onion and cheese whiz”.
I didn't know what cheese whiz was but 3 people ordered the same thing.
there was a pure pressure.

[From hellopwrflpower.]

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