Owen Pallett gets gay for instrumental post-rock

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Owen Pallett anti-gay anti-post-rock tweet

Don't make him bust out the violin!

Owen Pallett has gone on an anti-instrumental post-rock tirade on his twitter account this past hour. He launched into the sub-genre bashing with, “Instrumental post-rock is such a gay genre, I'm surprised there aren't more gays making it. It sounds like pre-fab housing. C'mon, girls!” Which was shortly followed up with a new band idea. “Where's Stef Schneider, you and me babe, we'll call ourselves Rape Men.”

Not sure what Owen was listening to that made him come down so harsh, but we do appreciate the creativity. Under #gayinstrumentalpostrock Pallett has started ripping off potential band names. Among the finer ones: Dame Caballero, Do Make Say Pink, Explosions In My Hair. We especially like his point that “Laddio Bolocko don't really need any adjustments.” The replies brought in some even better results. Well, at least from one guy:

RT @xflansx: @owenpallett I would have maybe gone with Explosions In This Guy

RT @xflansx: Man In Astroman?