Ponytail side project

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You may know Dustin Wong as half of the double-guitar attack of Ponytail, or as the second guitarist in the double-guitar sublimity that was Ecstatic Sunshine of yore, or as that dude who made a t-shirt in Tokyo as a kid that re-materialized in a Brooklyn thrift store, and onto my friend's back.

Regardless of your particular Dustin Wong affiliation, you will only hear trace bits of his other incarnations in his cyclic solo work, Seasons, to be released by Wildfire Wildfire.

While the tracks are divided into four and titled to suit a seasonal circle (“Summer – Fall” precedes “Fall – Winter”), the tracks are separated further by periods of silence and, considering they're each over ten minutes long, amount to an ample LP's worth of work that spans a range between delicately fingered melodic guitar and looped drone.

Dustin Wong, “Summer – Fall”

Dustin Wong, “Fall – Winter”