Radiohead innovates new fan-fleecing methods

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People who like to talk about marketing, get sussed: Radiohead forges ahead with innovative new ways to reap money from its fans. For its latest trick, the band's split up its single “Nude” into various tracks and is charging the typical price of an individual song for each of them. Charging money for the sort of contest that bands usually devise for purely promotional purposes? Don't get mad. This is Radiohead. Who wouldn't fork over the monetary equivalent of a Big Mac for the opportunity to have his remix heard by Mr. Yorke et al?

Oh, you?

Alright, well then download the torrent. It's already up and running.

And if you're really pissed, you can make a snarky response track and post it right up on their site.

[UPDATE: The snarky response track disappeared from the remix page. Mysterious!]